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EMan Software Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise based on the technological research, development and application of informationization for mold making industry which is open to the single-piece and mini-batch production trade such as dies, tooling and other non-standard articles.


EMan ever honored “the first prize of science and technology of China mechanical industry”, “the first prize of scientific progress of Hubei Province”, “the second price of scientific progress of Ministry of Education” as well as “excellent die manufacturing software provider" issued by China Die & Mould Industry Association for twice. As an enterprise listed in “3551 Optical Valley Talent Plan” of Donghu High-tech Zone, it has obtained the approval of national “863 Plan” and “National Innovation Fund”.


With the strong support from State Key Laboratory of Material Processing and Die & Mould Technology of China, EMan can provide a series of digital products and customized service such as the management of project, production, costs and materials, automatic design, automatic pro-gramming, and secondary development of CAE, PDM, NX/CATIA design programming, with the main products including E-man manufacturing execution system, EMoldDM intelligent injection mould design master, EAct EMan automatic processing system, die electrode management software, cutter management software, automatic programming and post-processing software of electric spark/line cutting, CNC post-processing and simulation software, etc. EMan has established closed cooperation relationship with all industries and fields such as autos, electrical home appliances, electronics, cell phone/digital products, metal products and building materials.


More than ten years technological service experiences guarantees EMan a strong product R & D system in which on one hand the research group, consisting of overall 200 graduates and post- graduates from State Key Laboratory of Material Processing and Die & Mould Technology in HUST, offers forward-looking theory and professional technology; on the other hand EMan itself commits the applied technology research and practice work. Furthermore, EMan R&D team is consist of pure graduate level skill which 13% is PhD and 36% is Master Degree holders.


  • More than 100 customers based with company size of 30-1600 people
  • 30% of the customers are from North America, Europe, Japan Foreign Investment Companies
  • 20% of the customers has current revenue of more than  RMB 100 million


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