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EMan Overview

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EMan Overview
EMan management software is customized information management system specific to production characteristics and processes of mold manufacturing industry. The entire system focuses on the management of mold production process ...


  • EMan (EMan Manufacturing Execution System) management software is customized information management system specific to production characteristics and processes of mold manufacturing industry. The entire system focuses on the management of mold production process with comprehensive implementation of information management from order receiving to delivery for mold enterprises to improve production processes; EMan aims at high quality, cost reduction and shortened cycle of mold production. The related personnel of mold enterprises can complete effective management of mold production process through simple operation.

    EMan includes: In consideration of overall needs of enterprise information, the entire system includes order management, management of main plans, design management, mold processing process planning, workshop production monitor, material management, dynamic optimization scheduling, statistical analysis, progress tracking, real-time warning, cost accounting, management of enterprise essential data and interface of other application systems.

  • EMan features:

    The advanced Auto-Scheduling Algorithm for mold-making workshop

    It is suitable for the production management of any kind of die & mould.

    Work off-site and inquiry mold production status real-time

    It can be Integrated with CAD/CAM/CAE and other ERP system

    It support many languages versions such as Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, German, Japanese, and so on.

    It was developed based on JAVAEE platform and B/S pattern, consequently, It can guarantee the maintainability, integration, extendibility and security.

    It can be easily customized as the demand of customers to help them win the competitiveness.

    It is easy to use and short to implement. Without the disturbance to normal production, companies can get professional training and implementation in 3 weeks.

  • No.

    Module Name

    Function Description


    Basic data management

    Human resources management;

    Equipment management;

    Customer files management.


    Order Management

    Order management, control the order handling progress;

    Project management, establish information source to ensure data consistency and integrity;

    Project cost management, specify each cost and expenditure explicitly;

    Estimate delivery time and assist business negotiation.


    Main Plan Management

    Specify the tasks and their completion date, and assign the persons in charge for each task in a direct, convenient and quick way;

    The main plan will be as a guide file to help determine the detail plans for design, purchase and processing etc. and prepare various statements accessible to customers.


    Design Management

    It will make the design process standardized .

    It can integrated with CAD system and obtain BOM information automatically so as to ensue design data consistent.

    It can support concurrent engineering for design and processing


    Computer Aided Process Planning

    It is standardized and convenient to realize coordinated design of manufacturing process.

    The BOP (Bill of Process) can be generated by analyzing BOM.

    Establish typical process knowledge library so as to accumulate sophisticated techniques and avoid knowledge loss due to talent flow;

    The process cards can be customized as request and the bar code for each component can also be generated automatically.


    Advanced Planning and Scheduling

    The optimization strategy and target can be rationally set to make the dispatching more flexible and the production more controllable;

    It will make an enterprise can utilize the resource to an extreme, and realize well-balanced production.

    It will demonstrate the resources load in a diagram

    It can predict the risks which could postpone die & mold delivery date in advance and arrange overtime work and outsourcing properly.


    Real-time Inquiry and Analysis

    Update data from time to time and support real-time inquiry at any time;

    The latest information about component processing status, die & mold and order progress etc. can be directly inquired. Therefore the exceptional situation can be coped with as early as possible.

    The collected data can be stated to generate the related report forms and support order-related business consultation such as quotation and delivery date estimation etc.


    Material Management

    Embrace design, purchase, warehouse and processing together; Designers take part in material selection so as to improve material utility rate;

    Set up the minimum inventory and issue material replenishing notice automatically;

    Realize material demand management, purchase management and warehouse management.

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       The benefits obtained by implementing EMan are as follows:

       Estimate delivery date quickly in accordance with equipment load – Predict equipment load and reply customers as regards delivery date quickly through the EMan arrangement system (100,000~200,000 procedures) ;

       Optimize plans, improve efficiency and reduce delivery data postponement – Crack the difficulty in arranging workshop processing plans and meanwhile improve the equipment and personnel utility rate for the purpose of eliminating delivery date postponement situations;

       Provide useful supporting data – Sum up site processing data so as to make it transparent and offer various departments with useful data support.

       Master progress at any time – Grasp information concerning processing site accurately and timely so as to get ready for processing in advance and also lower waiting costs.

       Accumulate enterprise technique and avoid the risks of technique loss – Accumulate technique knowledge in a convenient manner through a typical technique library provided by EMan so as to avoid technique knowledge loss.

       Sum up statements quickly and timely – Thanks to the statements sum-up function offered by EMan, it takes less than 1 minute to sum up statements monthly, thus decreasing enterprise human resources significantly.

       Update data in time and consistently – The relevant data in EMan update automatically if the data in the software under development have been modified so as to ensure data modification to be timely and consistent and evade risks of processing error caused by overdue and inconsistent data update.

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