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Material Management

Author:admin Source:EMan Software Time,Time:2014-09-01 14:09:42

Material management is to solve material problems from the perspective of entire company, including coordination of cooperation between different suppliers, so coordination and performance between different materials meet design requirements;

Mold Management Software—Material Management


    The adoption of material management concept originated from the problems of aviation industry in World War II. A lot of individual components were needed for aircraft production. Many components were very complex and must meet stringent quality standards. These components were purchased from thousands of suppliers in a broad geographical areas, and many of them were crucial to the overall function of final products. Material management is to solve material problems from the perspective of entire company, including coordination of cooperation between different suppliers, so coordination and performance between different materials meet design requirements; Platforms for communication between different suppliers as well as suppliers and company departments can be provided; Material flow rate can be controlled; After computers are introduced into enterprises, favorable conditions have been created for further management of materials. The role of material management has been played to the extreme.


    Generally, the department of material management has the following functions:


Planning and controlling of material


    Determine material demand plans according to delivery schedule of project main contract, workshop production planning and project technical documents. Adjust material demand quantities in accordance with actual situations and notification of project technology change at any time to control procurement progress and quantities of project materials.


Production plan


    Prepare workshop production plans according to delivery schedule of project main contract and material procurement schedule, and adjust them at any time according to actual situation and project plan, so that workshop production plans can be consistent with delivery schedule of project main contract.




    Carry on accurate analysis of the materials required by production according to workshop production plan and develop complete procurement plan; Strictly control delivery time and quantity of suppliers;


Research on material and procurement


    Collect, classify and analyze necessary data to find alternative materials; Predict price trends of main purchased materials; Analyze costs and ability of suppliers; Develop new, more efficient methods of data processing, so that material system can be in more efficient operation.


Quality control of supplied materials


    Inspect supplied materials of supplier delivery timely to detect quality issues for facilitating suppliers to deal with or replace products with enough time to ensure that workshop would be provided with qualified materials on site.


Receiving and delivery of materials


Responsible for actual receiving, processing and verification of materials. Notify quality inspection of supplied materials. Send materials to use and storage sites.



    Keep and store received materials in a correct manner. Clean, protect, specially pack and store the materials which may be deteriorated or corrosive in appropriate methods of anti-corrosion and anti-deterioration during storage.


Inventory control


    Regularly inspect the status of materials inventory. Strengthen the management of inflow and outflow materials; keep track of inventory changes readily. If detect any abnormalities (including sluggish materials, overstocked products or zero inventory), timely inform them to the procurement department.


    Each procedure in the whole process of mold enterprises from receiving orders at the beginning to plan scheduling, production, quality control and final delivery, is extremely complex. It is necessary to accurately calculate inventory, material reserves, material distribution, material usage, material purchases ...... so it is difficult for procurement and warehouse departments of mold enterprises. They have to keep control of use of raw materials in production line, demand of designers for materials, inventory of raw materials, prices of raw materials on market ...... time of replenishment, inventory increase, reasonable purchase of materials according to market price and strengthening warning of materials......


    The managers of materials and warehouse are not omnipotent. They cannot control all the circumstances. Therefore, the information management is essential. The material management module of EMan system covers all aspects of design, procurement, storage, processing, which is easy for managers to adjust material reserves and procurement programs in accordance with materials use and needs of all aspects at any time; The designers can participate in the choice of materials, so the designers can choose the most suitable and quality materials based on years of experience for design thus avoiding substandard or wrong design so as to improve material utilization; The minimum inventory can be set with automatic notification of feeding. This feature can help material managers save a lot of time to solve the problems of material inventory without going out; Meanwhile, the management module has achieved material demand management, procurement management and warehouse management in an integrated mode thus to help the managers of materials and purchasing departments keep control of materials use at all aspects. Measures can be taken against all kinds of emergencies so as to solve material problems effectively.

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