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Workshop Management

Author:admin Source:EMan Software Time,Time:2014-09-01 13:52:33

Mold production is in a resource-oriented engineering order type single-piece production mode. The production is organized completely in accordance with customer orders.

 Mold Management SoftwareWorkshop Management

Mold production is in a resource-oriented engineering order type single-piece production mode. The production is organized completely in accordance with customer orders. Due to randomness of orders and dependency of production experience, it is difficult to control the process of mold production effectively. Mold workshop management is an important part of mold production.

In the management of mold workshop, most supervisors or higher authorities have taken into account technology. Indeed, the technology of workshop staff has an important influence on mold quality; However, many people ignore a problem: workshop management. Many employees are very good at technology, but the production does not go well. Why? There are problems involving management. Positions and responsibilities are not clear. Liability system is undefined. Process is set in a confusion. There is not any appraisal standard for work performance. Therefore, production process is not smooth resulting in downtime expecting for materials.

In fact, when it comes to management, human management is one point. Human management refers to develop systems and comply with the systems, but there are always defects on systems, so someone will exploit an advantage, then the systems would have no credibility over time. Therefore, mold enterprise information is the best solution. It is recommended for mold enterprises to use management software, especially for workshop management, it is better to use management software. Why? Firstly, the management software can help optimize the scheduling of workshop production to ensure the delivery of all orders; Secondly, workshop production planning can be optimized while ensuring the delivery of orders. Thirdly, reasonable optimization level can be provided and goal setting can be optimized for more flexible scheduling and more controllable production. Fourthly, enterprise internal capacity can be maximized to avoid unreasonable overtime and outsourcing. Fifthly, load balance of production resources (equipment, manpower) can be maximized to achieve balanced production. Sixthly, resource load chart can be provided for more intuitive and convenient warning of key equipment and processes. Seventhly, risk of possible mold delay can be warned. Overtime and outsourcing can be automatically and reasonably arranged.

In addition, mold management software can perform real-time monitoring on workshop to help managers keep track of production situations in workshop at any time to solve emergency and reduce risk of delay. The advantages of management are mainly reflected in: Firstly, bar code technology. Parts are associated with barcodes with unique logos and easier management. Secondly, simple swiping card for monitoring which is easy for employees to operate. Thirdly, special circumstances such as shifts, multi-operator processing, single-operator on multiple machines, urgent piece inserting, process exchanging can be flexibly dealt with. Fourthly, workshop data can be in objective, real-time and accurate collection and statistics. Fifthly, quality control is incorporated into monitoring to reduce the loss caused by quality control problems to the greatest extent. Sixthly, staff performance appraisal is evidence-based. Seventhly, data is in real-time update for real-time queries. Eighthly, supervisors can keep indoors to view latest conditions of part processing, mold schedule and order progress. Ninthly, always keep track of exceptions for prompt handling.

Workshop management is a major problem in mold companies. More mold companies are expected to keep pace with the world to achieve mold production informatization.

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